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Sencity Dublin 2013!

14 november 2012

The wait is over! SENCITY DUBLIN – the world’s famous and extremely glorious music event will conquer the capital of the green island for the very first time on February 9th, 2013! If you really want to see what this incredible and unique night of clubbing, set to the tune of a full on multi sensory sensation has to offer wait no longer and get your heads down to the Concert Hall, RDS.

So, please fasten your seat belts and get ready for a pleasant attack on all 5 of your senses (see, smell, taste, feel and listen) – something that you've never experienced before! All with a visual twist and little food sensations out of the ordinary. VJ's, light artists, sign dancers, food- and aroma jockeys will translate the music, its lyrics and emotions into all the different senses of the body and will make you go wild!

An international line up of famous artists will spice up your night. Once the beat makes hold of you it’ll never let you go – it’ll make your body moving to its own tunes and drag your feet to the vibrating SenseFloor. Simply sense away! How could you say no?

Pre-Sale € 17.50

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Sencity Dublin is funded with support from the European Commission (Léargas) and supported by Skyway Foundation, South Dublin County Council, Irish Deaf Youth Association, Google and Gorilla Design.

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